3 Things you must do when you own a Tesla in the UK

Published: July 1, 2020
Updated: July 1, 2020
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Its been 10 months since I took delivery of the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, it has been, without a doubt, one of thee best cars I have ever owned. It has formed me into a Tesla Fanboy, I’m not going to lie.

Over the past few months, I have been racking my brains on what really works for the whole experience of owning a Tesla, not just the Model 3 but for all of the Tesla vehicles out there.

I have put together 3 of the items that you really must look into if you have taken the plunge for a Tesla:

  1. Sign-up to Octopus Energy’s Agile Tariff
  2. Get yourself an Ohme Smart Home Charger Installed
  3. Spread and share your Tesla Referral Code

Sign Up to Octopus Energy’s Agile Tariff

I’ve seen various bloggers, vloggers and articles on Octopus Energy and I’ve been quite dismissive of them for quite a while. Even my brilliant Mother-in-Law was raving about them and to get a recommendation like that gives Octopus huge kudos.

But where Octopus really comes into its own is with its super smart Agile tariff. You effectively pay the wholesale rates which is dictated by supply and demand.

Where it really comes into its own is that occasionally the tariff drops into a negative, so you get paid to take electricity off the grid.

They also have a maxium amount you’ll pay per KwH of 35p, which sounds expensive but when you average the day out, the Agile tariff is great.

On top of this you can also download and integrate Octopus’ API into various things, a good example of this is the Ohme Smart Homer Charge for EV vehicles.

You can program the car to start charging during the cheaper rates, whether its a quick top up in the middle of the night to take advantage of the lower rates or by programming it to charge when the rate drops into a negative.

Smart devices throughout the home can also take advantage of the Agile tariff, you can avoid the peak times which usually falls between 4pm and 7pm in the evening by utitising smart plugs and turning off non-essential applicances or phone chargers.

I will do a blog on how I take advantage of the Agile tariff very soon, so watch this space.

To sign up to Octopus Energy and take advantage of receveing £50 each, please click on my referral link: Signup to Octopus Energy

Get an Ohme Smart Home Charger for your EV

When we get an electric vehicle, we are very eager to sign up for any charger so long as it falls under the OLEV grant, but by taking your time and looking at all of the options, you could bag yourself something quite smart.

Obviously, I didn’t do this and when I went to collect my Tesla Model 3 from the handover centre in Birmingham, I ordered a Tesla branded home charger, which is still in its box.

Something in my head told me to hold off getting it installed, on top of this various companies who did come out and quote, never got back to me and I didn’t chase.

After signing up to Octopus Energy and watching a few episodes of EVMan on YouTube, I opted for the Ohme smart charger.

I made my initial enquiry through the Ohme website and they put me in touch with their recommended fitters. I chose smarthomecharge.co.uk and there process of quoting, paying, delivery and installation is really quite slick.

We had the Ohme smart charger installed and instructions on how to use it and to integrate it into the app to program charging and for it to work with Octopus Energy.

When I get home from the office, I simply plug the cable into the Tesla and the app and takes a look at the rates from Octopus’ Agile system and charges it at the cheapest time, you can even set a maximum charge if you don’t want to spend over a particular budget.

If your electric car allows, it will also talk to the car or the car’s app and finds out how much charge you have left, so if your daily commute is 25 miles and you want to add no more than 30 miles, you can.

Its a clever system… Find out more at: Ohme Home Chargers (Not a referral link)

Spread and Share Your Tesla Referral Code

You don’t realise how important the Tesla Referral Codes are until you see the supercharger miles adding on to your account, not only that but its also nice to see people actually switiching to fully electric cars.

When you’ve taken delivery of your Tesla, go on to your app and got to Loot Box. In here you will find your referral code and easy tools to share the link with family and friends.

If you are on twitter or instagram, add the referral link into your bio and hashtag your profile bio with #tesla.

If you have the time, scrioll through the various forums and if someone asks for a referral code, reply and explain the advantages of the Tesla Referral Code and how it will get you both supercharger miles.

Find out more on the Tesla Referral Scheme on my previous blog post.


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