How to get a great value upgrade with British Airways

Published: August 30, 2019
Updated: February 2, 2023
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The days of asking for an upgrade at the British Airways counters have now been replaced by computer algorithms, secret scores and common sense. Even though I’m a BA Silver card holder, the days of gate upgrades has long gone.

But you can still get some great value flight upgrades by being savvy and using something like a British Airways Amex Card and saving your Avios.

Here are a few tips on how to get some great value flight upgrades, but you will have to part with some of that hard earned cash, but by doing so you could get an upgrade from Economy to Club World for £150!

Here are my tips on Medium.com: How to get great value British Airways Upgrades

What are the benefits of the BA Executive Club?

The BA Executive Club has many benefits whether you fly with them once per year or on a regular basis.

By flying and booking through British Airways and their OneWorld partners yo will gain both Avios points and Tier Points.

Avios points can be saved and redeemed against flights, flight upgrades, hotels, car hire and even trips.

Tier points are for working your way up the British Airways ranks, starting at Blue, through Bronze, Silver and then Gold. Each status has a different set of perks.

Does it cost to join the BA Executive Club?

There is no charge to join the BA Executive club, although your membership can lapse if you don’t fly with them in a set period of time.

How do you get lounge access with a BA Executive Club account?

To gain access to the lounges, you either need to be on the relevant class such as Club Europe or Club World or you will need at least Silver Status.

You can also go as a guest of someone who already has at least a Silver Status.

How long do Avios Points last?

You need to collect, spend, purchase or share at least 1 Avious point within a 36 month period. Otherwise these Avios will expire and you will ose the benefit of saving these.


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