Would you like to take part in Four Car Fight?

Four Car Fight

We’ve come up with a new idea in the High Heel Creative office and thats a different way to share car interest and history, whilst at the sametime, give yourself a bit of a promo. This is an idea at the moment and we may look at doing something with a Podcast or a Vlog, […]

Can you lease a car for 12 months?

12 Month Car Lease

In the UK, the 12 month car lease business is growing rapidly, with many of the funders now offering flexible or fixed 1 year car leases. There are also Car Subscriptions services, which is effectively a month-to-month car lease that you cancel at anytime, but works out much cheaper than your traditional auto car rental […]

Tesla Pickup – Why it would work on a Short Term Car Lease!

Tesla Pickup Teaser Photo

Elon Musk has recently hinted more news and features of the teased Tesla Truck on Ride the Lighting podcast. With such a bold move and with the recent conversion of a Model 3 into Truckla, there is real interest in a fully electric pickup, even more so in the UK. Pickup trucks in the UK […]

How much is the Tesla Model 3 on Contract Hire in the UK?

Tesla Model 3

So after a long 3 year wait, the RHD Tesla Model 3 is now available to order in the UK. Having visited America a few times and being teased with the swarm of Model 3’s around, its finally our time to swarm the UK with this mass produced affordable Tesla Model 3. When ordering finally […]

5 most popular short term car leases for April 2019

Audi A1 - Short Term Car Lease

When I was in charge of the blog at Cocoon Vehicles, we used to do a feature called ‘Top of the Prop’s’ – This was based on the cars that were most popular for that particular month. We have a fair amount of cars going out these days, but we can still see what is […]

What is a Short Term Car Lease?

Short Term Car Lease

Running Cocoon Vehicles, I do get asked “What is a Short Term Car Lease” on a regular basis. It’s a service we have been offering at Cocoon Vehicles for a long time now, since 2008 to be precise. It works for many customers from individuals to large corporates bringing workers into the UK on short […]

9 great reasons why the 2019 Audi A1 Sportback is the ultimate supermini?

Audi A1 Sportback 2018

The Audi A1 Sportback has been a popular car on our short term car lease fleet over the years and we’ve just had the 2nd generation appear on our lists from our suppliers. Already since the car has been published on our website, we’ve had over 10 go out with the most popular being the […]

3 things I’d like to see in the RHD Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

With a large amount of UK reservation holders for the Tesla Model 3, including myself. I thought it would be a great idea to come up with a list of things I would like to see on future software updates. I’m not sure if many of you know, but Tesla is one of the few […]

How to turn on the Tesla Dashcam Feature!

Tesla Dashcam Icon

I’m a big lover of the Tesla range, not just the cars but the Tesla Powerwall and even the Solar Roof Tiles. This company is really shaking the whole auto industry up and I love watching the effects it has with other manufacturers. So with one of the recent firmware updates, Tesla allows you to […]

Derbyshire 100mph police chase – Driver Jailed

Christopher Khalfan led police on an 11 minute police chase across Derbyshire, covering speeds of up to 100mph. This driver covered Ilkeston, Heanor, Marlpool and Awsworth colliding with several cars and ending with some help from some HGV drivers. Christopher Khalfan, 22 of Nottingham admitted dangerous driving, driving without insurance and driving whilst disqualified. He […]