Tesla Pickup – Why it would work on a Short Term Car Lease!

Published: July 11, 2019
Updated: July 11, 2019
Thats About: 5 years ago

Elon Musk has recently hinted more news and features of the teased Tesla Truck on Ride the Lighting podcast. With such a bold move and with the recent conversion of a Model 3 into Truckla, there is real interest in a fully electric pickup, even more so in the UK.

Pickup trucks in the UK were and are really popular, back when commercial company car tax was low, executives and management, would opt for highly specified Nissan Navara’s, Mitsubishi L200’s and later the VW Amarok’s.

Not only did they look good, have lots of toys but they were also cheap as a company vehicle, 100% reclaimable on VAT for the business and had other perks also.

The UK government soon realised what was going off, so they changed the goal posts, but its still doesn’t stop the pickup truck being the ideal work horse in the week and family wagon at the weekend.

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What is the Tesla Pickup Truck Called?

Tesla have called its new all electric pickup truck; Cybertruck – Its an amazing piece of kit with a very futuristic design that you either love or hate.

Pre-orders have now opened for the Cybertruck and a UK reservation of the pickup truck can be placed with a deposit of £100.00


Rhys Adams

Rhys Adams