Tesla Trade-In Too Good to be true?

Published: November 12, 2020
Updated: November 12, 2020
Thats About: 3 years ago

So Tesla have only gone and refreshed the Tesla Model 3! With lots of upgrades and a boost in range, but should we trade-in?

New Kit on the Model 3

Not only have Tesla gone and changed the design of the Aero Wheels and some cabin tweaks, but they have also added black trims on the outside instead of the chrome, powered closing boot, and a few more additions.

They have also added the HVAC heat pump which is also fitted to the Model Y, it improves efficiency!

USB A ports have been swapped for the more familiar USB-C and the glossy black centre console has been swapped for a new design with matt black and a wireless charger as standard.

Improved Range

The Standard Range model is now capable of 267 miles, up from 254 miles, the long range goes from 347 miles to 360 miles and the Performance has a boost from 329 miles to 360 miles.

So it is time for a trade in?

I’m so tempted to trade-in my Model 3 for a newer model, but to be honest I really want to hang on for the Model Y, I need the space.

But using Tesla’s trade-in tool, 24 hours later and they have offered me £35,813, so the cost to change to a similar vehicle is minimal and actually makes my monthly payments about the same.

Watch This Space

Make sure you watch this space to see what I do, lets see if I am tempted by the new Tesla Model 3!

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    Rhys Adams

    Rhys Adams