3 useful things to remember when de-icing your car over winter!

Vehicle with snow on windscreen

In the UK, you could face a fine of £60.00 and 3 penalty points if you don’t clear your windows of ice and/or snow, this includes your wing mirrors. Not many people know that its illegal if snow falls off your car and hits another windscreen. Firstly, and not part of our 3’s is not […]

Expat Car Lease

Expat Car Leasing in the UK

Expat Car Lease customers find it so difficult to get a car after being away from the United Kingdom, its something I deal with on a daily basis. Recently I had a new customer who had been working for a UK major bank in Australia, he took a temporary offer to live and work in […]

Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic

Jaguar E Pace - 12 month short term car lease

Jaguar E-Pace on a 12 month short term car lease The Jaguar E-Pace has blown me away, what a fantastic car. Having been an owner of an early Range Rover Evoque, and feeling a little disappointed with it, the JLR product range really needed some big improvements. The E-Pace builds on the R&D that JLR […]

5 of the most popular short term car leases for October 2018 and why?

5 of the most popular short term car leases for October 2018 and why

We’ve had a record 2 months in the Cocoon Vehicles office and had plenty of short term car leases and car subscriptions go out of the door. So I thought I’d share an insight on the vehicles that have gone out and the reasons why customers have picked these vehicles. Before I start the list, […]

Subscription Services for Cars… Yes a Car Subscription!

Car Subscriptions

Car Subscriptions… Seriously? We see the subscription model appear everyday, its a great way to run a business to be honest. Regular monthly income for the company and something for the consumer in return. I love the subscription model, I subscribe to many of these services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Harry’s Razors… I even subscribe […]

9 top tips when taking a test drive at a dealership

car buying tips

With almost 15 years in the motor trade, I’m hoping to clue some of you potential customers up by providing some insider tips and knowledge. Today I’ll be giving a few top tips on taking a test drive in a new vehicle at a dealership and things you should consider. Click here to read more […]

9 top tips when comparing monthly car offers

9 top tips when comparing monthly car offers

With so many car deals around and so much jargon battered about, how do you know what is right for you. Having worked in the Motor Trade for almost 15 years both in sales and marketing, the tactics for these firms to “hoink you in” is endless. In these days of financing everything, monthly costs are […]

Volkswagen T4 Campervan : Details

The campervan is a converted Panel Van, and has had a considerable amount of money spent on it. The van has a kitchen unit with sink, 240v and 12v plugs. The Rock and Roll bed is brand new and has seat belts fitted within them. The van has also now got Remote Central Locking, Electric […]