How much is the Tesla Model 3 on Contract Hire in the UK?

Tesla Model 3

So after a long 3 year wait, the RHD Tesla Model 3 is now available to order in the UK. Having visited America a few times and being teased with the swarm of Model 3’s around, its finally our time to swarm the UK with this mass produced affordable Tesla Model 3. When ordering finally […]

Top 9 Free Local Business Listing Sites UK 2019

Free UK Business Directory

Its really important when designing your website to market it correctly. I’ve met loads of people over the years who think that as soon as a website goes live they will receive an influx of leads and sales. Sorry but it doesn’t work like that, imagine a website to a batch of 500 leaflets that […]

5 most popular short term car leases for April 2019

Audi A1 - Short Term Car Lease

When I was in charge of the blog at Cocoon Vehicles, we used to do a feature called ‘Top of the Prop’s’ – This was based on the cars that were most popular for that particular month. We have a fair amount of cars going out these days, but we can still see what is […]

5 Free Amazing SEO Tools to use…

Top 5 Free SEO Tools - UberSuggest

I’m no SEO expert, but looking after this blog and our company websites, there are a number of free SEO tools that I like to use on a daily basis. Whilst I do say that these search engine optimisation tools are free, some may offer paid plans but with the websites I look after, the […]

Swimming with Pigs at the Sandals Emerald Bay

Swimming pigs of the bahamas

Bucket Lists… Who has one? Who hasn’t? Between Rebecca and myself we have things that we want to achieve in life, we work hard but love each others company. Many of our goals are travel goals and it can prove difficult due to work, but this is one thing we had to tick off our […]

What is a Short Term Car Lease?

Short Term Car Lease

Running Cocoon Vehicles, I do get asked “What is a Short Term Car Lease” on a regular basis. It’s a service we have been offering at Cocoon Vehicles for a long time now, since 2008 to be precise. It works for many customers from individuals to large corporates bringing workers into the UK on short […]