Would you like to take part in Four Car Fight?

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Four Car Fight

We’ve come up with a new idea in the High Heel Creative office and thats a different way to share car interest and history, whilst at the sametime, give yourself a bit of a promo.

This is an idea at the moment and we may look at doing something with a Podcast or a Vlog, we may even roll it out as a website at some point.

We ask 4 questions around your first car, your favourite car that you’ve owned or leased, your in-reach car and your dream car.

We ask about you and your business, then we fire a few quick fire questions at you!

As we say, it is an idea at this stage but we’ll see what sort of demand we get over the next month to see what we can do.

Thanks so much…

Just want to say a big thank you! Since we published this on the 26th February 2020 we’ve had loads of entries to Four Car Fight from various different people!

At the moment we have had more men than women and would really like to balance this out, so please do share this article with someone who you might think would like to join in and give their business a bit of a boost!

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