Maldives Velidhu Diary Day 6

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Maldives Day 6

Wednesday started off quite late on, Sam woke around 8.30am who asked if we were bothered about breakfast. I said no, and hit the pillow again… Woke about 12!

We got out of bed at about 12ish, got dressed and headed, again in Zombie fashion, in the heat to the restaurant. I really didn’t feel hungry, but I was very thirsty. The food was too tempting to turn down so I had a bit of everything from the grill and a bit of salad.

Even though I said I wasn’t hungry, I still managed to polish off my lunch and a pudding. We then did a runner with the full bottle of water from the table!

We went back to the hut where we were greeted by Ali. He told us that he had enjoyed seeing his family and showed us a picture of his daughter on his cellphone.

We didn’t do much in the hut, except slip in and out of consciousness and the odd game on the iphone. At about 3pm, we decided to get our swimming costumes on and head down to the beach. We have tried to go later on in the day as the sun is more intense in the morning on Velidhu.

We took both Charlie and mine snorkelling gear as Sam wanted to have a go. The walk to the beach proved how warm it still was, as the sand was burning the soles of our feet.

We all entered the sea which was lovely and warm, Charlie put his water wings on and had a paddle around, Sam was drowning a few times trying to use the Snorkel and Mask, I went off alongside the jetty.

I did struggle a few times with my mask filling up, I managed to clear the mask a few times with the techniques that Magnus showed us in the diving tutorial. But what I didn’t expect was all the water in my snorkel. Luckily I had enough air in my lungs to clear the excess water and breathe with a little gurgle.

I came up a few times to sort my mask and snorkel out, I also caught my foot on some coral so wanted to ensure I wasn’t bleeding. I swam over the coral to the steps of the Jetty. It was hard work, the current was very strong and was taking me all over the place, including one of the legs of the jetty at one point.

I made sure I was ok and my mask was spit into my mask ready for the deep section. I went under and realised quickly how cold the water was in this deep section. The current kept pushing me back to the jetty with cold water going over the top towards the shore and warm water returning back to the open sea.

I swam up the cliff edge capturing some amazing sights in my underwater video camera. I then thought it would be a good idea to dive. So I took a deep breath and went for it.

I went quite deep down and got pretty close to the coral. My mask was bearing up although it was starting to seep water in. I then, for some reason thought it would be a good idea to carry on breathing through my snorkel and took a load of water in.

I managed to come back up and head towards the steps of the jetty so that I could climb out of the water to get a big breath. Seemed to take me forever but I got there.

I climbed up the steps with my flippers on gasped for air, whilst at the same time spitting a load of rubbish out of my mouth. Took me a few minutes to dilute the horrible taste of the salt water. But once ready I went back down.

On the way back up I noticed the amount of fish under the jetty including what looked like some giant angel fish (Will fill this in when I know the name). I decided to navigate around the legs and film some of the fish. There were some massive fish under there and they were beautiful. There were also swarms of tiny fish coming from all directions, through my hair. It sounded just like rain coming down on tin foil.

Once I got bored of the snorkelling I went back to Sam and Charlie. Charlie was floating around being taken all direction by the current and Sam was by the start of the coral looking through her snorkel.

Looks like Sam had managed to master the breathing and asked for the camera to take a few shots. Meanwhile I went back to Charlie who was swimming out in the deep section. The waves caught him a few times and he swallowed a bit of seawater but he recovered and swam on.

Charlie eventually asked to have a go with the Snorkel. So we set his mask up and told him what to do. He had a bit of a test run out of the water, ensuring that he bit the snorkel to make sure it didn’t come out of his mouth and to ensure that he only breathed through his mouth.

He put his head under and looked around, he loved it and wanted to do more. Once we knew he was confident with it. I took him out to the coral so that he could see all of the fish. He thought it was great and decided that he would snorkel and swim on.

That was it, once he knew he was confident to do it, it was all he was doing. Swimming up and down the front with his blue swim suit,  arm bands and a little snorkel popping out of the water.

When we decided to go we walked the long way back to the hut so we could walk through the water. My shorts had started to rub the inside of my leg and it became bloody painful.

We went up past the sea defence and saw the crabs again, along with some more sharks and sting rays and back to the hut.

Charlie had 15 minutes on the bed because he was being a little bugger. And I wrote some of my blog on my Mac. I also downloaded the videos from the underwater camera which looked fantastic. I can’t wait to edit them and put them on youtube when I get back to somewhere with internet.

At 7.30 we left the hut to have some dinner in the restaurant. Tonight was Indian night. Starters I had Chicken Mulacatary Soup then I tried all of the food from the grill including a Split-Pea Masala Pancake, Tandoori Chicken, Curried Grilled Fish and some of the bits from the hot food containers. It was lovely, I know I talk about d

Food a lot on these blogs but you have to try it for yourself. Its so nice! We finished off with Chocolate Pudding and the remainder of my beer. When we went to leave the restaurant we were stopped by an elderly English couple who commented on how well behaved Charlie was, so nice to get comments like this about him. But we know how good he is.

We went via reception, just in case they had added more excursions. They had! Half day island hopping, I had been hounding Sam all week about going on one so we put our names down for the Thursday Afternoon.

Whilst looking at the excursions, Charlie had been looking at all of the different types of fish on the board behind the counter. So once we had spotted some we decided to go to the shop and buy him the 3 posters for his bedroom. His plan was to show Grandad when he flew over to see us in the May.

We went to the fish feeding at the end of the jetty again and saw lots of different types, including some much larger fish. Hopefully I have captured some of these on the camcorder.

We then headed to the lighthouse bar for a beer. It was Karaoke night tonight, and I knew one thing for sure! It wasn’t going to be Sam or me singing up there, not unless they wanted Velidhu Island clearing! We had a few beers, whilst Charlie went through all of the different types of fish we had seen whilst on this holiday. We also discussed about future holidays and where to go next time.

Charlie’s friend came and played with him, trying to take his fish posters. They also tried to get Charlie to go and sing on the Karaoke. He refused. Sam noticed that they also had San Miguel on draught here! I couldn’t fit another beer in tonight, so I have got that earmarked for Thurday night.

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