Maldives Velidhu Diary Day 3

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Maldives Day 3

Got up for about 8ish and went for breakfast in the restaurant. The walk there was a sign of the weather for the day. Red Hot!

For breakfast I had the almost typical full English, except for adding a few fried potatoes, but ensuring that I polished off a bottle of water and a couple of cups of tea.

Whilst eating at our table, a German guy next to him had a parrot or brightly coloured bird of some sort land on his shoulder. The waiter scared him off and the parrot.

After breakfast we had a wander through reception to see what excursions there were, and then back to our beach hut along the beach. When we got back in doors, I had a lie down on the bed, which turned out to be a 3 hour sleep. I really haven’t slept so much in my life, is it the heat or the fact that I am actually relaxing.

We woke about 12.30, in time for lunch. Arrived in the restaurant and straight for the speciality counter. The hot grills were sizzling with different fishes and meat. I have been quite adventurous with my food whilst being in Velidhu, maybe because we’re on an all inclusive and we don’t mind wasting a bit of food.

Whilst I was queuing at the grill, I could feel something on my shoulder, much like a fly. I went to brush it off and realised it was something much bigger. It was that bloody parrot. The chef managed to get rid of it for me, but it still managed to land on some other lady and started to nibble her ear.

Charlie is starting not to eat much, he has asked for Pasta almost everyday so he maybe getting a little tired of it. But he did managed to eat some fruit.

After lunch we went back to the hut and got changed and sun creamed ready for the beach. I grabbed my snorkel, mask, flippers and underwater camera and of course Sam and Charlie and headed down to the Jetty.

The water was yet again warm, and I set off to video the corals without banging or cutting open my leg again. Sam and Charlie had a bit of a swim but we didn’t stay for too long as the weather was very warm and I didn’t want Charlie to get ill.

We went back to the hut and Sam started to hang things out to dry. Sam thought I was messing around with the washing line, it was only until she noticed the Red and Green parrot hanging upside down on the line that realised it wasn’t.

There were two parrots, I managed to take a few pictures of the parrot until it flew underneath the sun lounger. It went near Sam’s flip flops, has that parrot not got a sense of smell.

We had a bit of a rest on the bed and I played Sim City for a while on my iphone. Well at least until tea time. About 6ish we headed to the TV lounge. I flicked through the channels and apart from a few foreign channels that looked interesting, we decided to watch BBC World News.

Before we knew it the restaurant was open. Again the food was excellent, lots of cooked fish, meat dishes all with a Maldivian theme. The fish are not labelled and could be anything but they all tasted fantastic.

We finished dinner at about 8.30ish. Had a walk through the reception, signed up for a Dolphin trip on the Tuesday and had a quick look around the shop.

We then went for a walk up the Jetty, the end of the Jetty was floodlit and there were hundreds of fish topping. There was a young English couple at the bottom who said that at 9pm, the fish were being fed.

The guys from the resort came with some stinking seafood bits and started to throw bits in. More fish turned up, from the smallest of small to massive bloody things, swimming round scaring the others.

Charlie had a go at feeding them and ended up smelling of fish! He kept sniffing his hands all night, to see if the smell went away. Wait till your older mate!

We took a slow walk back along the Jetty to the beach and headed into the lighthouse bar, as soon as we walked through the opening we were greeted by a tank full of crabs for a race later on.

We let Charlie pick one and we entered number 18 into the competition. Cost us $5 though! We sat and hat a beer until the race began at half past.

I wasn’t quite sure how this was going to work, but one of Charlies mates (Bar Staff) proceeded to tell us in the best English he could. The crabs were to start in the middle of a circle, the first crab to the outside of the race would enter the final. There were to be, two initial races and a prize for the best of the losers.

Ours, Number 18 which Charlie and me nicknamed Crabby-patty was ready for the second race. The guy started the race and Crabby-patty was away, ready for the outside of the circle. All of a sudden the bloody thing stopped, looked round and headed in a different direction. Number 17 ended up winning.

Things weren’t much better for the race for the losers. Ours had a bit of a snooze in the centre before working round in circles.  So we lost!

At the presentation for the winners, Charlie was handed a bottle of Fanta so that made him happy. He got to stand at the front of the stage for a bit of line light.

We had another beer and then walked back to the hut via a very crabbed filled beach. They weren’t the race runners, as there were no numbers on there shells!

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