Maldives Velidhu Diary Day 2

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Maldives – Day 2


We all woke bright and early, but in pain as Charlie had slept in the middle of us. Charlie is not the easiest person to share a bed with, he fidgets and kicks. Sometimes it ends in tears, and they are not his.

We got dressed and headed to the Restaurant for breakfast. The waiter again sat us down and served us cups of tea. We went and had a look around at the choice of food. There were continental breakfasts with Cheese, Meat and Bread Rolls, there were waffles and a number of sauces. There was also the bacon, sausage, egg that we are probably used to.

I just went for bit of bacon, a roll and some cheese. Charlie had some Coco Pops and Sam had some fruit and a bit of the Bacon and Sausage.

Once we had finished Breakfast we took a walk to the Jetty again and decided that this beach would probably be a better location than the one outside of our bungalow because of the rocks. So we headed back to base to get changed and on the way through hire some Snorkels and Masks from the Watersports Centre.

We coated ourselves in Factor 50, grabbed the underwater camera along with the Snorkels and Masks and headed back to the Jetty area.

Now I have got to point out that I have never snorkelled in my life and for some reason I thought it would be easy. I placed my mask over my face, missing out my nose and shoved the bottom of the snorkel in my mouth… I then put my flippers on and walked backwards towards the sea and went for it! I think I swallowed a good litre of water up both my nose and my mouth. The worst thing was the flippers are so difficult, so it is bloody difficult to stand upright.

Second attempt, I managed to get my nose in the mask, and realised I had got teeth grips on my snorkel. These came in handy, put my face in the water and lasted about 30 seconds.

After a few attempts I managed to get the time up to 3 minutes a go, I had also worked out how to film using the camera. I braved it and swam over the beautiful Coral. The fish were fantastic, bright blues and turquoises. It was fantastic. Now I knew that I couldn’t stand on these Coral’s so each time I did some filming over it I made sure I headed towards some sand so that I could stand up.

This did prove difficult sometimes, especially with a snorkel full of sea water and a bloody huge Coral area. I did panic on one occasion and managed to cut my leg open on a piece whilst trying to kick and flip my way out of it. It bloody hurt as well.

Once I had got the hang of it, I managed to do 6 to 8 minute runs, each time I took a bit of sea water in, I managed to blow it out of the top. The trick was to always look down and not up, otherwise the snorkel would dip into the water.

I did get some fantastic footage and once we got back to the bungalow I downloaded it onto to my Macbook. I noticed that I was too quick with the camera movements. Also when the camera was under the water, the wide angle lens wasn’t that wide. But at least I know for another day.

I had another shower and Sam sat outside in the sun. When I came out I added more Factor 50 and we went for some lunch in the restaurant.

When we came out we went for a walk around the island, looking at the Sea Bungalows. I also made an enquiry in the Diving Centre about doing a beginners course. I was told to come back later to go through all of the legal paperwork, for some reason this didn’t put any fear into me!

Charlie got a bit home sick in the day and had a bit of a cry. But he is ok now, I think he is missing all of his bits and bobs, including DSI’s, TV’s and toys. He has only brought along his ipod touch.

We again went back to the bungalow and had a bit of a sleep. Before we knew it was quarter to 6. I nipped out to the Diving centre and I got all of the paperwork out of the way. My induction was the next day at 5pm.

We killed a bit of time and watched BBC News in the reception area until dinner was ready, we had a quick look at the excursions that were going on and then nipped in for some Dinner in the restaurant.

Again, I tried as many things as I could. I had sea food soup which was really spicy but with another Lion beer went down very nicely. For my main I had Seafood Pancakes, Cuttle fish Stirfry, Beef in a thai sauce and a baked fish. With it I had fried rice with fish.

All of the food was fantastic, and the baked fish was the next best thing to steak. It was so moreish but it filled me up very quickly. We had another drink and then we back to the Jetty. Sam was red, like a lobster. She hadn’t put the extra sun cream on, so her feet and backs of her legs were a little burnt.

Me and Charlie had a bit of a play around, whilst Sam went back to bungalow to get her purse. The sharks were again out in force and that heron was back having a fish.

When Sam returned we went to the shop to buy some postcards and some waterwings for Charlie, as suspected we didn’t need the cash as it was added onto our room bill.

We walked back the long way round, past the diving centre and the seaplane jetty. We had a quick look at the beach where there were hundreds of crabs coming ashore to feed, I flashed them a few times with my camera and the majority of them returned to the sea.

We headed back to the bungalow and retired to bed… Early!

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