The Olympic Torch Relay visits Derby

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When I first heard about London getting the Olympics back in 2005, I wasn’t overly bothered. To be fair I’m still not bothered due to how difficult it was to get tickets for the events I wanted to see, and still haven’t got.

But the city of Derby, woke to the fact that the Olympic flames was to cross through the town centre and I needed to see what all of the fuss was about. I think the DJ Chris Moyles hit the nail on the head… When is the next time you will be able to see the Olympic torch in the UK.

Chris Moyles was spot on, the last Olympics to be held in London was 1948, before that was 1908! Thats a long time for somebody that is already 31. So I had to go and take my 8 year old son, Charlie with me.

We were very late, having left the office to go back to Long Eaton for an appointment. Luckily, twitter helped by giving us estimated times and telling us that the torch was running late.

Charlie and me jumped on the train at 6.3o ish, got to Derby station and jumped in the first taxi. The cab dropped us off at the Market Place within a few minutes. The crowds were massive, going right around the island at the Council House.

Luckily, Charlie and me got quite a nice place near the front and near to the “flame kiss.”

Once the relay had passed we made our way towards Chester Green to cross the old railway bridge onto Darley Park, just in time to see the torch bearer light the cauldron by James Toseland.

Afterwards there was a dance with music by a local band before the light made its way back to the Market Place.

Great to see the torch! It was amazing and I am so happy for all of the people who got the chance to run with the flame.

Hope you like the pictures:

[AFG_gallery id=’29’]

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