5 most popular short term car leases for April 2019

Audi A1 - Short Term Car Lease

When I was in charge of the blog at Cocoon Vehicles, we used to do a feature called ‘Top of the Prop’s’ – This was based on the cars that were most popular for that particular month. We have a fair amount of cars going out these days, but we can still see what is […]

What is a Short Term Car Lease?

Short Term Car Lease

Running Cocoon Vehicles, I do get asked “What is a Short Term Car Lease” on a regular basis. It’s a service we have been offering at Cocoon Vehicles for a long time now, since 2008 to be precise. It works for many customers from individuals to large corporates bringing workers into the UK on short […]

Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic

Jaguar E Pace - 12 month short term car lease

Jaguar E-Pace on a 12 month short term car lease The Jaguar E-Pace has blown me away, what a fantastic car. Having been an owner of an early Range Rover Evoque, and feeling a little disappointed with it, the JLR product range really needed some big improvements. The E-Pace builds on the R&D that JLR […]

Record Numbers for Short Term Leasing Vehicles

Record Numbers for Short Term Leasing provider, Cocoon Vehicles! Cocoon Vehicles, in Derby have reported record numbers of vehicles being delivered in September on the Short Term Leasing scheme. “The enquiries has really picked up as we have concentrated on our advertising,” explains Rhys Adams, Marketing Manager at Cocoon Vehicles. “We have looked at new […]