Sage Line 50: Username in Use

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Not sure if anybody can help, but we have Sage Line 50 and the program is saying “Username in Use”

I have followed the instructions below and deleted the Queue.DTA file but it will still not let me on.


Username in use – When I try to login to Sage Accounts I get the following message: ‘This Username is in use. The program cannot connect you at this time’

This message will appear when Sage Line 50 thinks that the current user is logged in. If the user is currently logged on to another PC, they should log off that PC and then retry logging on to the problem PC (i.e. the PC that the message appeared on). If the user isn’t logged on to another PC, then the QUEUE.DTA file needs to be deleted.

To delete the QUEUE.DTA file, please follow the steps below:
1.       Browse to your data directory using My Computer or Windows Explorer.
2.       Double-click the Accdata folder, select QUEUE.DTA file, then press the Delete key on the keyboard.
3.       A prompt will appear to confirm the deletion therefore click Yes.
4.       To return to the Windows desktop, open the File Menu on My Computer or Windows Explorer and choose Exit.
You can now log onto Sage 50 Accounts.

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