RIP Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple has died at the Age of 56 years old. Steve who had been suffering with pancreatic cancer, resigned from Apple as Chief Executive in August 2011 due to ill health.

My fondness of Apple products initially started when Apple introduced the translucent iMac. There was something about the design featurs of the Mac that made it more appealing than the software on the system. I never got to own one of these systems as the cost was just too much for me, so I opted for PC’s.

About 5 years ago I purchased the 2nd Gen iPod followed by a Mac Mini. I wanted  to widen my scope for Graphic Design systems and enable me to put Mac and PC experience on my Curriculum Vitae. When I got home from the Apple Store at the Bullring I set the system up, I couldn’t believe how easy and quickly a system could be done!

The Mac Mini sat in the corner for a while, just using it occasionally for surfing the internet and checking my email. My main work was still done on a PC. But one day, that all changed and realised I actually loved using the Mac more than a PC. I just found it much easier to use and more importantly… It didn’t crash.

Now there is no stopping me, I have iMac’s, Mac Mini Servers, iPhones, iPods, Apple TV’s, Time Capsules, iPads… You name it. Even the other day I went to Cardiff, nipped in the Apple Shop and spent £105. I don’t know what it is, its almost like an obsession with me. I sit waiting for the next keynote speech, so that I can get my funds ready to buy the next Apple item.

Its really such a shame, but it just goes to show that even with £4.5 billion pound, cancer can beat the best of people.

RIP Steve Jobs

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