Praktica Camera Desk Lamp

Having read Stuff magazine one afternoon whilst waiting for my flight, I had decided to fold the corner of the magazine on a Desk Lamp made from an old Praktica camera.

The company was selling these for £300 each and whilst I really wanted one, I didn’t want to pay that price.

So I quickly went on to eBay in my Ipad and began searching for metal bodied film cameras that were only any good for Spares or Repairs, I quickly bid a pound in each if the ones I had found.

I then bought a vintage tripod, some wire that resembled the old twisted stuff, a light fitting and a set of screwdrivers.

Once everything had come through I had a good look at what I needed to do. A trip to ikea helped me obtain a transformer that would run a 35w halogen bulb.

After about an hour, I came up with this! Much cheaper than £300 and good fun to do…