Ipad Cellular Data Settings For The UK

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I have decided to put the iPad Cellular Data Settings on my website, as I found it difficult to set mine up without a lot of messing around. I have included the main 4 networks; Vodafone UK, o2 (02), Orange and T-Mobile.

Update (20th April 2011) – I have now included iPad Cellular Data Settings for Three and GiffGaff.

Update (18th May 2012) – Updated T-Mobile Settings

Update (4th January 2013) – Added EE (Everything Everywhere) Settings

Update (20th March 2013) – Updated GiffGaff Settings/Added Nano Sim Link) Also Orange Settings

If anybody has any settings for the other networks, please can you send them in to me. Thanks in Advance! Please can you click on the links and banners to support this page.


02 iPad Data Settings (Pay and Go)

Cellular Data

APN: payandgo.o2.co.uk

O2 iPad Data Settings (Contract)

Cellular Data

APN: idata.02.co.uk
Username: vertigo
Password: password

Additional Information

APN: ibrowse.02.co.uk
Username: browse
Password: password

Also See Here for Aaron Wardles Settings

Vodafone iPad Data Settings

Cellular Data

APN: internet
Username: web
Password: web

EE iPad Data Settings

Cellular Data

APN: everywhere
Username: eesecure
Password: secure

Orange iPad Data Settings

Cellular Data

APN: orangeinternet
Username: Orange (Also try lowercase)
Password: Multimedia (Also try lowercase)

Additional Information (iPad)

APN: orangedata
Username (Blank)
Password: (Blank)

T-Mobile iPad Data Settings(Updated 18th May 2012)

Cellular Data

APN: general.t-mobile.co.uk
Username: user
Password: one2one


APN: general.t-mobile.co.uk
Username: t-mobile
Password: unknown

Virgin Mobile iPad Data Settings

Cellular Data

APN: goto.virginmedia.uk
Username: user
Password (leave blank)

GiffGaff Mobile iPad Data Settings

Cellular Data (Order Nano Sim Here)

APN: giffgaff.com
Username: giffgaff
Password: password

* – Please Note. GiffGaff’s terms and conditions does not allow the use of their Sim Cards as Mobile Broadband services, and as such should not be used in the iPad or iPad2.

The above has now changed… See data goodybags from GiffGaff

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Prices as of 20th March 2013:
£5 = 500mb
£7.50 = 1GB
£12.50 = 3GB

GiffGaff Now offers tethering on the 1gb £10 per month Goodybag

Three (3) Mobile iPad Data Settings

Cellular Data

APN: three.co.uk

Tesco Mobile iPad Data Settings

Cellular Data

APN: prepay.tesco-mobile.co.uk
Username: tescowap
Password: password

Lebara Mobile iPad Data Settings (Updated 9th December 2011)

Cellular Data

APN: uk.lebara.mobi
Username: wap
Password: wap

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