iPad 3 Coming Soon

Rumours are flying around with regards to the new iPad 3 or HD. With servers picking up Internet activity with devices using iOS 6 and iOS 5.1 is yet to be released. I would like to see a higher resolution screen, with the ability to add keyboard, mouse and screen. To use it like a terminal. A better camera, the one included at te moment is poor and very much an after thought on Apples side. Although I wouldn’t want to replace my MacBook Air with it, I originally bought the iPad to do all my work on the move, but realised my work used apps such as Adobe illustrator and photoshop. I do use the iPad when a way with photos and there are some pretty neat apps for processing these. Would be nice to be able to transfer these to an external device. Think the last thing is tethering on the 3G version, my iPhone struggles to last the day as it is. The option to tether my MacBook to it would save my phone dying half way through a day. Anyway, as usual I can’t wait for the 7th March!