Great first F1 GP in India

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Loved watching the Indian Grand Prix, what a fantastic track.

Hamilton in the interviews after the race seems very down. He was on about how him and Massa haven’t really spoken. Hamilton kept saying how his head isn’t in it.

The incident between him and Massa on the track, was for sure, Massa’s fault. Massa looked over two or three times before turning into Hamiltons McClaren.

Massa ended up with a drive through penalty due to this, which I believe he deserved.

Apart from that, Vettel just seems to leave everybody behind. His “Kinky Kylie” just hasn’t let him down at all this season. And although I am behind Button and Hamilton, can’t knock Vettel for his drive.

End result was as follows:
P1 Vettel
P2 Button
P3 Alonso


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