Four Car Fight

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Four Car Fight

Four Car Fight - Take Part

What is Four Car Fight? Well glad you asked!

Its an idea for business owners and people of interest to discuss their love of cars whilst at the same time, promote themselves, their business or social profiles.

We ask a series of questions regarding your car history and dream cars and publish it as an article on our website.

There is scope for turning this into a Podcast, Vlog and stand alone website.

If you are interested in taking part, please answer the questions below. For more information on how you could answer the questions please click the little (i)‘s next to the question.

If the multi-step form doesn’t work on your device, please CLICK HERE

First Car
Fave Car
In-Reach Car
Dream Car
Business Details
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Tell us about your first car, what was the make and model, was it reliable and have you got any funny stories associated with your first car.

For instance you could tell us about one of your first road trips or did you have any mishaps in this car.

How much did you pay for it and how much did you end up spending on it?

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Out of all of the cars you have owned or leased, what was your favourite car?

Why was this your favourite car? Is it because of the comfort, the engine, the noise it made or have you got any memories associated with it?

Why did you end up buying it and did you think it was a mistake at first?

What made you get rid of the car and what replaced it and why.

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What is your in-reach dream car? When we say in-reach, its a vehicle that, at a push you could afford to buy, maybe you’d have to give up your daily coffee or stop doing so much shopping, but it could be affordable to you.

Why would you buy that particular car and why does it appeal to you? What options would you pick for it and what colour?

What about the engine, is the car being chosen for the performance or the comfort side of the vehicle.

Is it a Classic Car or would you opt for a new car? Is it a car or is it a van?

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What is your absolute dream car? We don’t want you to be flash and say you’ve got the money already to buy it, as not every one can go out and buy a Bugatti Veyron, but we want to hear whats at the top of that car ambition list.

Why would you choose this car and why does it appeal to you? Have you sat or driven this dream car and is it something you really are working towards or is it a pipedream?

Now think about the trips you’d take it on, would it be a race down to the south of France to head to the Monaco Grand Prix, or would you just take it for a leisurely drive around the Lake District.

What colour would you choose and what feature would you like to see on the car.

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Everyone loves a good roadtrip, whether your a passenger or the driver.

But talk about where your favourite trip would be, would it be a jaunt out to the seaside, a roadtrip to the Alps for a skiing weekend or a race (at legal limits) around the Peak District.

Would this be ideally in your current car or in your dream car? Would it be a picnic day or would you go and find a nice tea rooms?

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Now its time to sell yourself and/or your business!

Tell us about what you do for a living and how you got into it, let us know any funny stories you have about how you got into the profession you are in.

What do you do in your spare time, if its not a hobby that everyone has heard about, then go into details about it.

If you want to push your business, tell us about it and what makes it unique? Are you serviced based or is it a product that you sell or offer?

If its a product why should people buy it from you, is it a rare product or something you can get from most places?

If you are a person of interest such as an actor, influencer, singer, tell us again how you got into it and any stories surrounding that subject.

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Quick Fire Questions

Now for the Quick Questions, these may only need one word answers but they are good that should we do a podcast or a Vlog, we can expand on the answers and discuss why.

Do you prefer to drive a Manual or an Automatic car? Some people like the idea of being in control by changing their own gears. Some love Auto’s due to sitting in traffic.

What do you miss most about certain features from old cars?

Is it that you wish you could build those muscles up with your arm by winding your window up?

Do you miss a CD Player or a Cassette player from the car?

Is it an actual proper key that you miss from having a modern car?

What do you currently drive and what do you think of it?

Would you consider a fully electric car in the future? If not, what puts you off?

Would you prefer leather for your bum to stick in the summer, or would you prefer cloth seats?


Do you prefer windows and roof shut and blasting on the air con or would you prefer a full panoramic roof and some sunshine in the cabin?

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Contact Details

Please include your contact details and select the permissions from the below, should you wish to take part in a Vlog or Podcast in the future.

We’re hoping to get a wide range of people taking part and we are aiming to have an equal split of women and men.

Depending on the success of this scheme, if we are over subscribed, we may have a read of each entry and pick the most interesting and funny submissions and publish them.

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