Driven This Week: New BMW 118d Sport

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So this week, BMW handed me the keys to a BMW 118d Sport, the latest facelift of the popular little hatchback.

When these cars came out I was a massive fan, loved the way the wheels were more or less at the corners of the car and the fact that it was rear wheel drive. In fact, I got one for Sam to encourage her to pass her test, yet really it was because I wanted to drive it.

We had the BMW 118d Sport in Blue on a 55 plate. Can’t tell you how disappointed I was with it… Hard suspension, uncomfortable seats and the fuel economy was poor. We only had it for a year!

Because of the business I am in, I still get to drive these and the vehicle hasn’t improved over the years. And then along came the new BMW 118d Sport!

I was handed the key, styled on a bar of soap and was told that this model was hands free, I sat in the car placed my foot on the clutch and started the engine. There were already a few different things that I noticed, one was the clear tft screens that was telling me it was in Comfort mode.

Flicking through a few of the options I found that you could place it in an Eco mode and there were two different sport modes. Having tried the car in all modes, I couldn’t see much difference at all. Although I am told that they really only alter the way the car uses the Climate Control and the Stop/Start systems.

Driving this car, and already I noticed a big difference. The engine felt much easier and the seats were very comfortable, if a little cheap looking. Plenty of spec including Climate Control, Bluetooth, iPod connection yet no DAB, which surprises me as the Mini comes with this now as standard.

Externally and the front of the car looks very similar to the Z4, which I am not keen on. And the backend looks like it has been squashed. So no, as you can read I am not a massive fan.

But overall the car is a massive improvement on the old shape and the engine so much better.

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