Derby Hub: Rachel Elnaugh

Tonight Paul and myself, attended the Derbyhub inspiring meeting at Breadsall Priory. Tonight speaker was Rachel Elnaugh, who spoke to use about how her Red Letter Days business take off, turnover lots of money and then after trying to float the company and employ a CEO, see the company fall into administration.

I’m not really sure what I was expecting, and to be totally honest couldn’t really see the point of attending to see Rachel tonight, due to the failure in her company. But she has helped me look at our businesses a little differently.

With all of the mad ideas I have had, Cocoon and Forklift is a business that I am totally passionate about. I get up in the morning an want to go to work, and everything all three of use achieve is for ourselves.

Also many things have happened within Cocoon over the last couple of months, and some of the things that Rachel covered fit our business totally. Three legs are required for every business: Operation, Marketing and Finance. We have two very good people in charge of operations and one marketeer. We are lacking that finance person, but at least we have picked this up sooner than later.

I really enjoyed attending this event and Rachel was lovely. Also met quite a few other people including Natalie Truswell, who does copywriting. She is new to freelancing and came across amazingly professional. Such a nice person to talk to and hope to use her in the future. Also want to thank Catherine Godwin of Riverbank Floristry for the beautiful buttonhole!

Looking forward to the next Derbyhub meeting!