Company Car in Action 2012 at Millbrook

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So this week, we took our annual trip to Millbrook Proving Ground to test drive some of the most popular Company Cars that are due to appear on the market or ones that the manufacturers are promoting.

Its good for the team to jump into as many of the cars as possible so we can then sell the experience to customer. DOwnside to us is that our company promotes more of the BMW, Merc’s and VW’s that don’t attend anymore.

Yet Jaguar and Land Rover had a stand!

First thing I had to do, having an Evoque on order is get a test drive on the Si4 and the SD4. I really couldn’t decide which one to go for when ordering my RRE back in May, and the 10 minutes the dealerships give you isn’t enough.

I took the Si4 out first, this was the Dynamic (of course) with the Dynamic Plus Pack. The Land Rover rep told us how to change the modes, and set the Adaptive Dynamics into Dynamic and the Gearbox into sport, she then blipped the Paddle Shift so that it went into Manual.

Heading out onto the Alpine Circuit and I managed to get my toe down before the dip before assending up the hill for the first hill. The car was faultless, with me able to throw the car into corners with very little body roll.

In the first tight hairpin, I like to throw the cars into the corner and release the accelerator so that you get a sense of how the car would handle. The car didn’t move and stuck to the road before my accelerated decent down the hill. The car was great still on the steeper other 2 hairpins.

At the end, I was directed onto the high speed bowl. I managed to get the RRE Si4 up to 134mph in the fourth lane, I’m not sure if it is automatically limited but it would not let me go any quicker despite where my foot was placed. The car felt safe and steady and wind noise was high, but was better than some other cars I had driven that day.

The second car was the RRE SD4 Prestige Auto wit Lux Pack, no adaptive dynamics but the LR rep put the car into S mode again for me.

Again the first hill was effortless, with the Diesel engine feeling extremely torquey! It actually felt like it pulled better than the Si4, yet at the higher speeds you knew that the petrol would leave it behind. The approach to the third hairpin is extremely steep, and the pull of the diesel engine got us to the tp very quickly. Throwing it round the corner, you could tell the suspension wasn’t as stiff as the Dynamic but still no where near as bad as some of the competitors.

High Speed Bowl with the SD4 was great, but could only get the RRE to 124mph. Again Wind noise was the same as the Si4 and the engine much louder.

When back at the LR stand, I had a play with all of the gadgets including the TV System, Camersa dna the Ambient Lighting.

I am glad I have picked the SD4 over the Si4, not to fussed about the fuel economy its the pull that it gives you when you first accelerate. Its great. I have already got my TDI Tuning kit ready for a month after I receive it and this should help with the pickup, as it does on my partners Golf.

All in all a good day! Got to drive some other quirkly cars including the Renault Twizy, Toyota GT86, Skoda Citigo and some of the newer diesel hybrids.

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