Chistmas Day in the Hotel Polynesia

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Christmas Day and a very excited 8 year old, is wide awake and for the first time in his life, ready for Breakfast!

The deal, is eat some breakfast and open your presents! So we have washes, get dressed and head down to the restaurant on site, here at the Hotel Polynesia. This is our first morning at the Hotel, and we don’t really know what to expect for Breakfast.

The usual English Breakfasts are available including Sausages, Bacon, Eggs, Mushrooms, Tomatoes… As well as a continental selection of fresh meats, cheese and salad. I opt for the latter. Something about coming to Europe and having meats and bread rolls for breakfast. I’ve never been a massive fan of cereals anyway, and find cooked breakfasts a little to greasy for my liking.

After breakfast we head back to our room/suite! Charlie is now ready to rip open his presents. Due to baggage allowance, we have only brought a couple of presents each. I bought Charlie some AppMates for the Disney Cars game on his iPad and I bought Sam a new Baby G watch.

After the present opening, I put the TV on and had a snooze until lunchtime. Not sure what it is, but I feel totally exhausted and so lacking of energy. Its like I have switched off, although I still feel quite stressed inside.

Whilst I was sleeping, Charlie had been playing Grand Theft Auto III on my iPad, we bought it the other day and we are both addicted to it!

At 1ish, we went down to the restaurant for Christmas Lunch! The usual Turkey, trimmings and veg was available. But I opted for sliced fried potatoes, fish and paella! It was really nice, and glad I didn’t have the Turkey as both Charlie and Sam said that it didn’t taste that nice.

In the afternoon, we decided to have a wander around Benalmadena Port, I was surprised that quite a few places were open, as it was Christmas day after all! Quite a few people were out and about enjoying the sunshine that hit the Costa and taking advantage of the cheap beer prices!

I even managed to find a supermarket that sold tea bags and milk, the one thing I was really missing from the UK!

Later on we went for our evening meal and had an early night. Think I only managed to stay awake for a maximum of 5 hours! So tired!

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