Can you lease a car for 12 months?

12 Month Car Lease

In the UK, the 12 month car lease business is growing rapidly, with many of the funders now offering flexible or fixed 1 year car leases. There are also Car Subscriptions services, which is effectively a month-to-month car lease that you cancel at anytime, but works out much cheaper than your traditional auto car rental […]

What is a Short Term Car Lease?

Short Term Car Lease

Running Cocoon Vehicles, I do get asked “What is a Short Term Car Lease” on a regular basis. It’s a service we have been offering at Cocoon Vehicles for a long time now, since 2008 to be precise. It works for many customers from individuals to large corporates bringing workers into the UK on short […]

Expat Car Lease

Expat Car Leasing in the UK

Expat Car Lease customers find it so difficult to get a car after being away from the United Kingdom, its something I deal with on a daily basis. Recently I had a new customer who had been working for a UK major bank in Australia, he took a temporary offer to live and work in […]

Record Numbers for Short Term Leasing Vehicles

Record Numbers for Short Term Leasing provider, Cocoon Vehicles! Cocoon Vehicles, in Derby have reported record numbers of vehicles being delivered in September on the Short Term Leasing scheme. “The enquiries has really picked up as we have concentrated on our advertising,” explains Rhys Adams, Marketing Manager at Cocoon Vehicles. “We have looked at new […]