Don’t forget to Bing

The Bing Homepage

Whilst we’re all fighting for the number 1 spot of Google, we quickly forget about the other search engine. Yes Bing! Whilst Google does have wolrd domination, for those not so in the know, it can be quite difficult to change things like a default search engine on their computer. As of today, Bing has […]

Why removing old content could help your website?

Why removing old content on your could help your website

Its a common issue amongst our High Heel Creative clients, that removing outdated content from their website can be halmful to its health. But is it? In th industry, its well know that Bing and Google care about the quality of the content you did last week and 2 to 3 years ago, so whilst […]

Top 9 Free Local Business Listing Sites UK 2019

Free UK Business Directory

Its really important when designing your website to market it correctly. I’ve met loads of people over the years who think that as soon as a website goes live they will receive an influx of leads and sales. Sorry but it doesn’t work like that, imagine a website to a batch of 500 leaflets that […]

5 Free Amazing SEO Tools to use…

Top 5 Free SEO Tools - UberSuggest

I’m no SEO expert, but looking after this blog and our company websites, there are a number of free SEO tools that I like to use on a daily basis. Whilst I do say that these search engine optimisation tools are free, some may offer paid plans but with the websites I look after, the […]