Barmouth Pre-season!

Caught the train to Barmouth from Machynlleth, always wanted to do it and go over the Barmouth Bridge. Barmouth was quiet, as it is before the holiday season. But still really nice to visit.

iPad was launched and people went mad!

Got to see queues at both of my favourite London Apple stores yesterday! People were buying them in bulk! Some had 4 of them. Here are the pictures of the. Roads yesterday waiting for the new iPad. Off to get mine today!

Chris Moyles outside Radio 1

Go to meet Chris Moyles yesterday when I spotted him outside Radio 1 yesterday. Asked him if I could have a photo and because I said please, he said ok!

Fearne Cotton again in Pret a Manger!

I was in Pret a Manger yesterday getting a latte when Fearne Cotton barged her way in… Lol I think she must know the staff as she went straight to the front. I don’t min though! This last picture are the pap’s editing the pictures and then uploading to sell!

Photos: Southampton to Derby, Via London!

Dropped the Mini off in Romsey, just outside of Southampton. Battersea Power Station from the Train A very quiet tube at Waterloo! Still quiet at Warren Street! Off at St Pancras! And past the champagne bar towards my train.

Pete’s Upper Crust

I love Pete’s Upper Crust in Long Eaton! There Cheese and Onion Toasties are amazing! Also the staff are really friendly and make you feel welcome!

Juzcar AKA Smurf Town!

Whilst in Spain, I would recommend visiting Juzcar which is about an hour north of Marbella. Sony commissioned the villagers to paint the town blue. Sony had promised to paint it back to its original colours, but it attracted enhanced tourism numbers so the villagers asked Sony if they could leave it. [AFG_gallery id=’25’]

Photos of Ronda in Spain

I recently visited Ronda in Spain, a beautiful town in the mountains, north of Marbella. Ronda is split into two, by a river that runs through the centre, but united by a magnificent bridge. Well worth a visit! [AFG_gallery id=’24’]

Photographs of Marbella

Please see below a few pictures of Marbella that I took on a recent visit. [AFG_gallery id=’23’]

Few Pics from Gibraltar

Please see below for a few pictures from my recent visit to Gibraltar! Fantastic place to visit, very similar to Jersey and Guernsey. [AFG_gallery id=’22’]