Why the new 2018 iPad Pro won’t replace my MacBook

Apple iPad Pro

As with most Apple launches, I’m first in line to order their latest offerings. This time around was the iPad Pro 11″ at just over £1070, but can it replace my laptop? At over £1,000 you are putting this iPad Pro in the same league as quite a few Laptops, yep, they’ll be Windows based […]

Great Spotify Review!

My friend Laura Etheridge has written a great blog post on my new fave iPhone app, Spotify! Geek to Chic Spotify Review Not only does she review it, but gives lots of secret hints and tips that I didn’t know about. Worth a read!

Sketch for iPad

Did this sketch of Charlie on my iPad using a stylus. Quite easy o use, especially the trace function.

iPad was launched and people went mad!

Got to see queues at both of my favourite London Apple stores yesterday! People were buying them in bulk! Some had 4 of them. Here are the pictures of the. Roads yesterday waiting for the new iPad. Off to get mine today!

iPad 3 Coming Soon

Rumours are flying around with regards to the new iPad 3 or HD. With servers picking up Internet activity with devices using iOS 6 and iOS 5.1 is yet to be released. I would like to see a higher resolution screen, with the ability to add keyboard, mouse and screen. To use it like a […]

iPhone Apps: Word Lens

I’ve had Word Lens on my iPhone since the day I saw it on BBC Click. The app is very clever, all you need to do is hover over text and Word Lens reads it and can display it backwards or delete it completely. But there are also some additional packs you can purchase for […]

How to enable iTunes Match on ios5

iTunes Match is now available in the UK and I have signed up for the £21.99 per annum service! What iTunes Match does is enable you to stream your music collection (upto 25,000 songs) on all of your itunes computers, Mac’s, iPhone, iPads and Apple TV. You can sign up for this once you have […]

Charlie teaching iPads

Charlie has been teaching the lads in the Harrington Arms (Sawley) how to use the iPad tonight. At one point he had a crowd of people around him!

iPad mirroring using AirPlay on Apple TV

Just done the update on my Apple TV so that I can now do Mirroring from my iPhone 4S and my iPad2 to the Apple TV. Once the update has been done, double press the home key on your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 and scroll to the left to find the AirPlay symbol. Then […]