Great Google+ WordPress Plugin

Thanks to Facebook, I’ve now added a really useful plugin to my WordPress website that automatically sends a post to Google+

Segway Rally Experience

Today I did a Segway Rally Experience at Thoresby Hall in Nottinghamshire. Really enjoyed it despite falling off at one point.

iPhone Apps: Word Lens

I’ve had Word Lens on my iPhone since the day I saw it on BBC Click. The app is very clever, all you need to do is hover over text and Word Lens reads it and can display it backwards or delete it completely. But there are also some additional packs you can purchase for […]

Removing Accounts from Twitter App on iOS5

Things have changed a bit when trying to remove Twitter Accounts from the iOS app. To do this go into settings… Select TWITTER Then select the account you want to remove… Then select REMOVE ACCOUNT…

How to enable iTunes Match on ios5

iTunes Match is now available in the UK and I have signed up for the £21.99 per annum service! What iTunes Match does is enable you to stream your music collection (upto 25,000 songs) on all of your itunes computers, Mac’s, iPhone, iPads and Apple TV. You can sign up for this once you have […]

Setting up a Mac Mini Server

So today I decided I was going to have a go at setting up the Mac Mini Server that I’ve had sitting around for the last year. It did have Tiger Server on it but I decided to upgrade it to Lion via the App Store. Downloading was easy enough, and when ready it gave […]