Great Spotify Review!

My friend Laura Etheridge has written a great blog post on my new fave iPhone app, Spotify! Geek to Chic Spotify Review Not only does she review it, but gives lots of secret hints and tips that I didn’t know about. Worth a read!

Sketch for iPad

Did this sketch of Charlie on my iPad using a stylus. Quite easy o use, especially the trace function.

iPhone Apps: Word Lens

I’ve had Word Lens on my iPhone since the day I saw it on BBC Click. The app is very clever, all you need to do is hover over text and Word Lens reads it and can display it backwards or delete it completely. But there are also some additional packs you can purchase for […]

Removing Accounts from Twitter App on iOS5

Things have changed a bit when trying to remove Twitter Accounts from the iOS app. To do this go into settings… Select TWITTER Then select the account you want to remove… Then select REMOVE ACCOUNT…

Charlie x4!

A picture of Charlie edited with Instagram and Photoshop Express on iOS5

iPhone Apps: Dominos Pizza

Another app to add to my favourites is the Dominos Pizza App! Now you can order a pizza, exactly the way you want it, pay for it and watch it bake without even having to speak to anyone or switch on your computer… Genius! The app is really easy to use and lists things like […]

iPhone Apps: Champ MGR

Just set up my team on Champ MGR, not really sure how it works but will keep you all posted!

iPhone Apps: Group Text

For those into Text (SMS) marketing must try out Group Text on the App Store. It allows you to import a CSV file with mobile numbers, which can also be stored on a dropbox. And send a text to multiple contacts. It’s recommended in the instructions not to send any more than 200 in anyone […]