Pete’s Upper Crust

I love Pete’s Upper Crust in Long Eaton! There Cheese and Onion Toasties are amazing! Also the staff are really friendly and make you feel welcome!

Charlie x4!

A picture of Charlie edited with Instagram and Photoshop Express on iOS5

Charlie’s First Go Kart Session at the Kurburgring!

Charlie had his first go at karting yesterday at the Kurburgring near Mansfield. The staff were brilliant and taught him what to do and where. At first he went slow, but once his confidence picked up he had a fantastic go. Second run and they let Sam and myself go with him, he managed to […]

Charlie’s 8th Birthday

  8 Years ago today my best friend was born, Charlie Oliver Adams, my son! This is one day in my life that I will never ever forget, I remember every minute of it. From him coming out, to trying to sleep, from collecting him from the hospital to taking him home and the first […]

Charlie teaching iPads

Charlie has been teaching the lads in the Harrington Arms (Sawley) how to use the iPad tonight. At one point he had a crowd of people around him!