Cocoon Wedding Cars

Paul and me, used our cars to transport Mum and Jeff around for there wedding day on Saturday 5th May 2012. We got loads of loos, especially when they were parked outside the Derby Registry Office with the ribbons and the Cocoon number plates.

Driven This Week: Mercedes E Class Cabriolet

Mercedes E250 CDi Cabriolet in White. Got to say hat I am not a massive an of Convertibles, it has something to do with the lack of pollen filters and me sneezing constantly… I had a Megane Coupe Convertible, I think I only managed to get the roof down a few times… So the Mercedes […]

Audi A1 Competition Line

We’ve just added these little beauties to our Short Term Leasing fleet. It’s the Audi A1 1.6 TDi Competition Line! This nippy little car looks great and drives really well! Especially like the wheels. Check out the website at Short Term Car Leasing

Early party for Myron and Gemma

Today we threw a small birthday party for Myron and Gemma, as we are not all in the office on the correct days. Gemma is 30 tomorrow and us dreading losing her twenties. Myron is so used to having a birthday, having celebrated 57 times before he wasn’t overly bothered. We got Gemma a lovely […]