Jongleurs Nottingham Night Out

Had a fantastic night out with Myron Nykolyszyn, Chris Pipes, Michele Saxton-Howes and Tony O’sullivan! Massive thank you to Phil Mansfield (Phat Phil DJ) for sorting out the tickets for us all!


Today we went to Polperro, as recommended by Mum and Jeff. Most cars are banned from this little fishing village and the transport into the village is by converted milk floats, known by the locals as the Polperro Trams. We walked down to the harbour.

My go karting predictions

Today we are at the F1k in Loughborough and I am looking forward to giving Timy an ass whooping! My Predictions are: 1st: Timy 2nd: Jack 3rd: Me 4th: Chris 5th: Sam 6th: Bex