Aegean Blue in Rhodes

When in Rhodes Town, make sure that you do not bump into the “friendly” Aegean Blue reps, trying to get you to do a scratch card competition. The odds are much better than the National Lottery, as you will win. But to claim your prize you have to go and view a hotel. The way the rep words it, is that it’s “not” a timeshare, and purely just to show you a hotel so that you go home to tell your family and friends. Believe me, when you get back to the UK you will tell our family and friends, to stay well clear. We were given three scratch cards, from the top, middle and bottom of his pile of cards. I didn’t get anything, Charlie won a bronze prize and Sam won three gold medals. The Mancuinaian Andy, said that hardly anyone wins the three gold medals. The prizes were an iPad, a weeks holiday, an MP3 player or a crate of local wine. He told us that most people win the wine or the MP3 player and that we had been super lucky! By the time we had realised, the guy told us that to claim the prize we had to goto the Aegean Blue hotel which was a short taxi ride, whilst there they would feed us and provide us with as many drinks as we wanted. There was already a taxi waiting. Whilst in the taxi I knew something wasn’t right. I almost googled it and wish I had. The journey was a good ten minutes, even the taxi driver chuckled to himself that we had won. what did he care, he was getting €15 for the trouble. We arrived at an office and greeted with glasses of water and an English rep. This rep went through that we were to be shown the hotel, that it was a minimum of 75 minutes and that there was no obligation to book or buy. That last sentence confirmed it for me! We were left alone for a short time, whilst my mouth opened to the words of “I think we’ve been conned here!” We were greeted by another guy, annoy remember his name but he was blonde, fair skinned and from Oldham. He introduced himself and did the sales talk I was used to from my car dealership days: get to know the customer, then comfort sell before the hard sell! He asked us many questions including where we had been on holiday, how far in advance we book our holiday, how long we usually go for and where we would like to go! He introduced the company and told us how RCI had approached Aegean Blue. The way it was sold to me, I thought he was selling some sort of discount club. He explained it was like Matalan and Costco where you needed a membership to get benefits of cheap flights and holidays. To be honest, he had hooked me for a small second, especially if this was the case. I haven’t got a problem in spending £75 per annum to save a little on flights and accommodation. It went on, with several cups of tea being confirmed. He had made me feel comfortable. He even told us about his Norwegian girlfriend and how they holiday. He asked how much we had spent on this holiday and tried to guess the amount. And explained with Aegean Blue, he could have got it a lot cheaper. I felt comfortable, thinking that this was a membership or club and completely fell for it. More fool me! He took us inside, and said That what he was about to show us would save us a lot of money in the future. He at us down and got a cracked iPad out of his bag, he showed us a number of brochures also and had based all of the subjects on places that we had mentioned in our conversation. Disneyworld Animal Kingdom, North Carolina ranches, even down to UK holidays for the short breaks we take. Then came the killer, so you and have all this that includes 5 weeks of holidays each year, so long as you take your first holiday in Rhodes or Crete in the Aegean Blue hotel. the guy went on to explain that all we needed to do was pay a deposit of £1200 followed by 4 Direct Debits, that was it for me. End of the line, it’s a timeshare but of a different kind. I am very good at saying No, when it comes to something where I don’t think I will get value for money, or I am getting conned. I quickly said no and that the scheme would not work for us. He then offered 3 weeks at a cost of £2200, still a no. His attitude changed very quickly and tried alsorts to get us to change his mind, even saying things that we had said to use as positives. It was a no. He had to go and get his manager to sign off the paperwork, this is where I thought we would get a 2nd hard sell. It looked like a few other people had received this. I did notice a few people had signed up, and saw people paying on PDQ machines. We didn’t get the 2nd sell from the manager. We collected Charlie from the kids area and went downstairs to see what we had won on the scratch card. And guess what, we had won a week away in an Aegean Blue hotel! I could have put money on this, even whilst we were doing the prize draw, the Oldham chap tried once more to sell the package, which I refused. When back at our “paid for” hotel, we googled Aegean Blue, I wish I had done this earlier. So many people had been ripped off by this company. I should be glad I said no, but I was angry with myself for falling for this scam in the first place. Lets just say that I will not be stopping for any Aegean Blue Reps again and will hopefully not all for this again. Also I will not taking my weeks holidaying Crete or Rhodes! The will hound me all week, this can be confirmed also by Googling Aegean Blue!