3 useful things to remember when de-icing your car over winter!

Vehicle with snow on windscreen

In the UK, you could face a fine of £60.00 and 3 penalty points if you don’t clear your windows of ice and/or snow, this includes your wing mirrors. Not many people know that its illegal if snow falls off your car and hits another windscreen. Firstly, and not part of our 3’s is not […]

The Old Co-operative in Belper

The Old Co-operative

The Old Co-operative in Belper, home to our businesses; Cocoon Vehicles Ltd and High Heel Creative Ltd was built in 1927 by the Ripley Co-operative Society, but we don’t know much else about the building. We’ve heard various stories from Belper residents, where they used to come for their groceries when it was a Co-op […]

Expat Car Lease

Expat Car Leasing in the UK

Expat Car Lease customers find it so difficult to get a car after being away from the United Kingdom, its something I deal with on a daily basis. Recently I had a new customer who had been working for a UK major bank in Australia, he took a temporary offer to live and work in […]