Jaguar E-Pace R-Dynamic

Jaguar E Pace - 12 month short term car lease

Jaguar E-Pace on a 12 month short term car lease The Jaguar E-Pace has blown me away, what a fantastic car. Having been an owner of an early Range Rover Evoque, and feeling a little disappointed with it, the JLR product range really needed some big improvements. The E-Pace builds on the R&D that JLR […]

Where to eat in Belper | Stick Beak

I’m a massive fan on Belper and the eateries, in fact food is one of my downfalls, I love it. I really like ready the Sticky Beak Blog, its focused around cafes and restaurants all over the UK and always gives you an honest opinion of where to go and where not to go. They […]

Why the new 2018 iPad Pro won’t replace my MacBook

Apple iPad Pro

As with most Apple launches, I’m first in line to order their latest offerings. This time around was the iPad Pro 11″ at just over £1070, but can it replace my laptop? At over £1,000 you are putting this iPad Pro in the same league as quite a few Laptops, yep, they’ll be Windows based […]

What do eSims’s provide on UK mobile networks…

eSims UK

Gone are the days of trying to find your ejector tools, or straightening out a paperclip to change your sim cards. The eSim has arrived in the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max but what does it mean for us UK users? A few hours after the latest Apple launch event and my shiny iPhone […]

5 of the most popular short term car leases for October 2018 and why?

5 of the most popular short term car leases for October 2018 and why

We’ve had a record 2 months in the Cocoon Vehicles office and had plenty of short term car leases and car subscriptions go out of the door. So I thought I’d share an insight on the vehicles that have gone out and the reasons why customers have picked these vehicles. Before I start the list, […]