Company Car in Action 2012 at Millbrook

So this week, we took our annual trip to Millbrook Proving Ground to test drive some of the most popular Company Cars that are due to appear on the market or ones that the manufacturers are promoting. Its good for the team to jump into as many of the cars as possible so we can […]

The Olympic Torch Relay visits Derby

When I first heard about London getting the Olympics back in 2005, I wasn’t overly bothered. To be fair I’m still not bothered due to how difficult it was to get tickets for the events I wanted to see, and still haven’t got. But the city of Derby, woke to the fact that the Olympic […]

Forklift Agency on YouTube!

We uploaded an advert for Forklift Training to YouTube to promote Forklift Agency and we have received over 2,000 hits in the last week! Really really happy with it!  

Playing F1 with Charlie

Having a day with Charlie in his bedroom playing Formula One 2011 in his PS3. The steering wheel and seat is brilliant!