Setting up a Mac Mini Server

So today I decided I was going to have a go at setting up the Mac Mini Server that I’ve had sitting around for the last year. It did have Tiger Server on it but I decided to upgrade it to Lion via the App Store. Downloading was easy enough, and when ready it gave […]

Charlie’s 8th Birthday

  8 Years ago today my best friend was born, Charlie Oliver Adams, my son! This is one day in my life that I will never ever forget, I remember every minute of it. From him coming out, to trying to sleep, from collecting him from the hospital to taking him home and the first […]

iPhone Apps: Dominos Pizza

Another app to add to my favourites is the Dominos Pizza App! Now you can order a pizza, exactly the way you want it, pay for it and watch it bake without even having to speak to anyone or switch on your computer… Genius! The app is really easy to use and lists things like […]

Xbox 720 and New Kinect Rumours

An insider at Microsoft has told me a few of the plans for the new Xbox 720 and the latest Kinect. Also a possible deal with Sony to integrate the Kinect into their TV’s. Microsoft are quite reluctant to announce any of these additional products as yet, as they are worried about effecting current sales. […]

I want a: Gym Membership

The more I think about it the more I think I want to join the gym. But I’m not quite sure why. I’m not exactly thin but feel like I need to be a little healthier and do more exercise. I also think its a good way to spend more time with Charlie as I […]

Driven This Week: New BMW 118d Sport

So this week, BMW handed me the keys to a BMW 118d Sport, the latest facelift of the popular little hatchback. When these cars came out I was a massive fan, loved the way the wheels were more or less at the corners of the car and the fact that it was rear wheel drive. […]