The Pencil Museum in Keswick

Just had a wander around the pencil museum in Keswick, wouldn’t have been my first choice of places but Charlie seems to have enjoyed it.

Kendal today!

Woke up this morning at the Premier Inn at Kendal.

Early party for Myron and Gemma

Today we threw a small birthday party for Myron and Gemma, as we are not all in the office on the correct days. Gemma is 30 tomorrow and us dreading losing her twenties. Myron is so used to having a birthday, having celebrated 57 times before he wasn’t overly bothered. We got Gemma a lovely […]

Fotoffiti on my iPhone

Like the new app I’ve downloaded on my iPhone called Fotoffiti, doesn’t work with all of the photos. My tip is to find quite a simple picture with a light background! Worth paying for tho!