I want a Range Rover Evoque

Saw this transporter full of beautiful Range Rover Evoques! And they look so cheap through Cocoon Vehicles! I’d have a SD4 Dynamic with a few packs and options! A nice black one with a silver roof! Cocoon Vehicles : https://cocoonvehicles.co.uk Your browser does not support the video tag

Walking round St Pancras

So… Charlie and me are currently at St Pancras waiting for our train back to Derby, and we’ve had a little time to kill. So what we’ve done is take a stroll around St Pancras and taken a few photos, please see below.

Just been on High Speed 2 to St Pancras

Just been on High Speed 2 from Gravesend to St Pancras, bit of a mix up with the tickets but they did me a favour and gave me an upgrade to the High Speed service.

More Shopping at Gretna

After Carlisle we hit the M6 and went North up to Gretna Retail Outlets, still on a quest to buy a Fleece, some shoes and some jumpers.